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Responsible for developing and implementing a specialized exercise regimen for clients. Jai ensures the fitness program meets the needs of the client and may include elements such as physical fitness, nutrition, cardiovascular training, and weight training. 


Your 1 Hour Assessment Will Include A Workout With Jai Davis As Well As A Fitness Evaluation. Your Assessment Will Include; Weight, BMI, Muscle Content, Fat Percentage, And Your Fitness Age.  At The Completion Of The Session Together You And Jai Davis Will Customize A Fitness Plan That Will Help You ExceedYour Fitness Goals.


BoxFit Is An High Intensity 30 Minute Cardio Workout With Golden Glove Recipient Jai Davis.  How Many Trainers Can Actually Say That They Retired 4th In The World In Professional Boxing?  Well Jai Davis Can, Don't Just Take A Boxing Class Get The BestWorkout With Body By Jai Davis. 























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